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Dental Emergency

Dental problems can be very painful! At Vancouver Harbour Dental, we give priority to dental emergency and treat them at the earliest in order to help find relief and solution for all dental problems.

In case of any dental emergency do give us a call at: 604 336 2130

Dental Emergency
Dental Emergency – First Aid Guide

Have a dental emergency? Here's a little something you could do on your part to help and administer first aid.

  • Toothache: Toothaches can indeed be painful. Stay away from oral activities like biting, sucking or chewing using that area. If the pain aggravates and you notice a swelling, apply cold wet compress and get in touch with us. We could work together on helping you ease the pain immediately.
  • Wisdom tooth: In case you have a problem with your wisdom tooth, you could try preventive measures to ease the pain. Start with keeping your mouth clean and gently massaging the area with a soft toothbrush or frequently rinsing with mouth wash or warm salt water. If the pain starts to get worse and you notice a swelling in your jaw, we advise you to apply cold compress on the infected area and contact us at the earliest. Also avoid smoking as it could just make matters worse.
  • Knocked out tooth: A knocked out tooth can be set right if adequate care and measure is taken to save it. You could start by preserving the tooth or its pieces in a contact lens solution or water. If the bleeding doesn't stop after a while, apply pressure with a cool wet compress on the wounded area. DO NOT try to clean the tooth or the affected area. Try to avoid smoking or spitting as it would interrupt the healing process. When it comes to successfully replanting the tooth, every minute counts. Get in touch with us immediately for dental assistance.
  • Broken/fractured tooth: In case of a broken or a fractured tooth, you can help soothe the pain by gently massaging the affected area with a soft toothbrush and rinse your mouth regularly with warm salt water or mouthwash. If you are bleeding, apply pressure on the affected area with a cool wet compress. Do not try to remove the loose tooth fragments. Contact us immediately for proper dental assistance.