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Vancouver Dental Technology

Digital Dental X Ray

Ever wondered how nice it would be for you and your Cosmetic Dentist to look painlessly into your mouth to identify every external and internal anatomical structure and accurately diagnose your dental problem? This is now possible to achieve within seconds and with minimal radiation exposure.

Digital X ray allow us to do just that. Earlier, dentists would find out what's going on inside your mouth by taking series of X ray, developing them in a darkroom full of chemicals, and then viewing the resulting films on a special light board. This entire process is now outmoded by the digital 'sensor'. This tiny 'sensor' is positioned briefly inside your mouth. It acts like a small VCR camera, except that its chip is sensitive to X ray, not light. This type of picture results in more comfort because of the rounded corners of the sensor; and the patient is exposed to less radiation when compared to traditional type of radiography.

Digital X-ray

Another great benefit is its highly detailed image that is instantaneously translated onto the computer screen. This image can be rotated, magnified, adjusted for contrast, and even color-coded for educational purposes. We can also store it easily and efficiently in our computer files, eliminating paper files as well as image wear and tear. Digital X ray can be easily reproduced many times whether for insurance purposes, referrals or patient education.

Digital dental X ray being instantaneously available at patient's chair side proves to be a wonderful tool to share discussions and visual aids for the patient's education and help him with the understanding of recommended treatments.