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Dental Sterilization Process

The need for infection control today is far greater than what it used to be. We, at Vancouver Harbour Dental take utmost care to provide you the best in terms of Dental Care and Oral Hygiene. We ensure control over bacterial contamination through intensive heat and stem sterilization and highly concentrated sprays and wipes. We also reduce the possibility of contamination of instruments by allowing only a few authorized personnel into the instrument processing area.

Dental Sterilization
Sterilization at our dental clinic is a 6 step process.
  • Step 1 - The instrument sterilization workflow starts with sorting instruments and hand pieces in the sterilization centre. The reusable instruments are segregated from the disposables and the hand pieces are removed for sterilization process. The hand instruments are then cleaned using ultrasonic in a highly concentrated solution which effectively penetrates the tighter areas of the instruments like crevices and joints.
  • Step 2 - Before sterilization, the instruments are rinsed thoroughly and air dried for a while. We make certain that we follow the guidelines from the hand piece manufacturers for cleaning and lubrication. The hand pieces are then wiped clean externally, thereby removing all the burs on them.
  • Step 3 - We make sure that we prevent the instruments from any sort of recontamination. We used sealed pouches to secure the instruments, burs and hand pieces in order to maintain effective sterilization.
  • Step 4 - Steam Sterilization or 'Autoclave' is the most common and recommended form of sterilization process. Once the instruments, burs and hand pieces are placed in the autoclave, the door is sealed shut and the process is initiated. Once a specific temperature is achieved for sterilization, the valve locks are sealed and the door cannot be opened until this process is complete.
  • Step 5 - Once the autoclave process is complete, the instruments are taken out from the chamber and placed in a protected cabinet to complete the final drying process.
  • Step 6 - We then monitor these equipment on a weekly basis to keep a tab on the effectiveness of the sterilization process, thereby ensuring that we do our best to protect you against any transmission of infection.